Branding for Zimbra Hosting now Live for all Resellers

The ability to custom brand Zimbra Webmail with a unique host name, Webmail login banner, logo and logo URL is now live and generally available for all Resellers for no additional charge. To enable the branding, Resellers should access the ‘Branding’ page in the My Accounts section of the Reseller Centre.

The Reseller Zimbra Branding system provides the following features:

  • Ability to advertise a custom host name for Zimbra services – this is known as the Public Service Host Name.
  • Resellers and their customers can access Zimbra services using e.g.
  • Public Service Host Name can be used for: Webmail, Zimbra Admin, IMAP/POP3, Zimbra Mobile.
  • Upload custom login banner for Webmail.
  • Upload custom logo for Webmail.
  • Define Webmail logo URL (for linking back to Resellers’ main website/support site).
  • Propagates to all, or selected domains.
  • Supports domain level branding to allow for different branding per domain if required – e.g. for customers who want their own logo in the Webmail.

The Reseller Zimbra Branding features are available to all resellers without additional charge.

Known limitations

  1. External IM clients can not use the Public Service Host Name as the XMPP server name – instead users must configure the actual name of the mailbox server.
  2. Logins via SSL should be redirected over a generic SSL enabled domain, however there is a bug in Zimbra so this does not yet happen. A forthcoming Zimbra update will fix this issue.
  3. Using the Public Service Host Name with SSL will result in a certificate mismatch error. There is no easy work around for this as Zimbra does not support multiple SSL certificates. We can, however, provide reseller specific SSL certificates and dedicated IP addresses hosted on our Zimbra Proxy cluster as a chargeable extra service if this level of branding support is required.
  4. Zimbra favicon, the word Zimbra and various other such areas where ‘Zimbra’ is visible exist, although it is expected that these will be fixed in due course.