Key New Features of Zimbra version 8

As well as over 500 minor changes, enhancements and bug fixes, Zimbra version 8 includes some key new features:

Faster, more streamlined webmail

Completely redesigned with a ‘less is more’ approach, we think that the new design is a great improvement. There are also lots of new improvements all across the interface.

Improved search

Zimbra’s search functionality has always been a stand-out feature – now this gets even better. The improved search functionality reduces the need for users to manage folders and tags to keep their email organized. Now it’s possible to even more quickly find the message you are looking for and spend less time creating and managing folders.

Enhanced Zimbra Search

Improved calendar

Zimbra’s version 8 updates for the calendaring application mean that even more granular details are available which make things like scheduling meetings for large groups even easier. It’s now also possible to integrate Google Calendar into Zimbra.

Activity Stream

Activity Stream prevents your inbox from being cluttered by legitimate but unwanted emails by allowing users to easily set-up activity stream filters which direct incoming messages to a sub folder for later reading.

Zimbra Mobile (Active Sync) Enhancements

Zimbra Mobile now supports a server side implementation of Microsoft’s ActiveSync 12.1 protocol which offers a great many improvements including battery optimisation, reduced bandwidth consumption, Persona/Alias support and many administrative policies.

There’s lots more

For a more detailed list, view the following Zimbra resources:

What’s not in Zimbra 8

There are some key features no longer available in Zimbra 8