Frequently asked questions

Who are In-Tuition Networks Ltd?

In-Tuition Networks is a wholesale hosting provider of services such as WordPress, Zimbra and Email Security using our own purpose designed infrastructure located in UK sovereign data centres. We also develop our own multi-tier web portal which our customers (and their customers) use to provision and support online services.

Our mission is to make life easier for organisations who provide Cloud services and IT support.

In-Tuition was founded in 1996 (incorporated in 2002) in Sussex in the United Kingdom. Today the company operates from London and many of the original team members from the late 1990's remain with the company.

The team behind In-Tuition are helpful and knowledgeable. We’ve operated large hosting systems, data centres and services starting with our "rack of servers" under the stairs in 1998 up to our present day infrastructure. Along the way we've encountered pretty much every email and hosting issue so there isn’t much we can’t answer accurately.

Who are In-Tuition’s customers?

In short, anyone who wants to delight their customers with great WordPress, Zimbra or Email services, without the stress and hassle of running 24/7 mission critical services themselves. In practice, that includes MSPs, IT resellers and departments, hosting companies and web developers.

    Partnership based business model:

  • In-Tuition concentrates on delivering reliable services at excellent wholesale rates and never sells to or speaks to end users.
  • Partners leverage In-Tuition’s investments so that they can focus on marketing, sales and support, without fear of competition from their provider.

How will In-Tuition help my business grow?

We offer reseller-friendly prices with scope for excellent margins; simple provisioning and management of services and very reliable solutions. We offer easy White Label support documentation and you get access to marketing material and plans. This leaves you to focus on growing and supporting your customer base.

Leveraging In-Tuition's extensive investment in state of the art technology and our knowledge is the smart way to kickstart your Cloud offerings, is much less trouble building your own solutions and you'll be able to rely on our hard won experience and expertise. Plus, we think you'll be hard pressed to find another Cloud provider who is so reseller friendly.

How do you ensure data integrity in the Cloud?

Our systems are designed for maximum data safety, uptime and reliability. Real time replication and backups means that for every 1GB you store in a Zimbra mailbox, for example, we actually store 8GB. We use SSL to encrypt your communications with the services and our email servers default to communicating via TLS third party mail servers. We also encrypt all backup data before it's transferred to separate backup storage locations.

Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored at two ISO 27001 accredited Tier III data centres in London and Manchester in the United Kingdom. We ensure that we have highly redundant internet connectivity to both data centres. Our Manchester DC has an independent route to Europe which completely bypasses London. We own and manage the equipment which underpins our hosting platform so that we're in complete control – servers, switches, routers and storage - they are all ours.

What is Protected Service?

Protected Service is the name of our white label brand used for a range of Cloud Hosting products available for resellers to sell to their clients. Services such as Zimbra and Email Security are hosted on the Protected Service domain name along with a dedicated support site. In-Tuition remains invisible, leaving our partners confident to be able to share the brand with their clients.